PolymerOhioBusiness Growth Assistance

You want to grow your organization! We just have one question – What can we do to help you today? Our goal is business growth assistance through a collaborative effort with you and your team.

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PolymerOhioWorkforce Development

Finding, training and retraining your workforce is an ongoing concern. PolymerOhio has workforce development options available to help you get your team up to speed on the new processes.

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PolymerOhioMarket Exploration

Today’s global marketplace means that your product life cycles are shorter than ever! This can take your business from high sales to low in the blink of an eye.

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PolymerOhioNew Product Development

New product development is a multi-stage process that is key to your future growth. With our defined product development program, your team will learn to advance new ideas in a cost-effective way.

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industry segments

Ohio’s Polymer Industry

The Ohio polymer industry is made up of more than 2440 companies and employs more than 130,000 people.  Many industry leaders are headquartered right here in Ohio.

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5 Ways the Right Partner Can Accelerate Products to Market

No doubt about it, speed to market is important.  However, speed alone does not always translate to success. So, how do you get it right and do it fast?  A great partner can make all the difference.  A collaborative approach from the beginning can help you speed up the process and avoid costly mistakes later.

Opportunity Knocks: Now is the Time for Reshoring and Exporting

Times They Are A Changin’ – Bob Dylan famously sang in the 1960’s.  We may not be experiencing a cultural revolution; however, we are in the midst of a manufacturing revolution.  And, it is a good time to be a manufacturer in the U.S. For decades, American companies moved their manufacturing operations overseas in order

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