Bringing Unity to Ohio’s Polymer Industry

PolymerOhio was formed in 2001 as the result of a merger between the Polymer Processor Association (PPA) and the Edison Polymer Innovation Center (EPIC).

The decision to merge was made to bridge the gap between discovery and market application/business opportunity.  In 2001, PolymerOhio and a group of stakeholders engaged McKinsey to develop an industry roadmap and strategic plan to bring unity to the polymer industry in Ohio, as well as more focus on the emerging technologies and novel application opportunities.

The Advent of the Ohio Polymer Strategy Council

As a result of the polymer industry organization and regional assessment, the Ohio Polymer Strategy Council (OPSC) was formed to establish an overarching strategy for the state’s polymer industry.  OPSC worked to build new collaborations among stakeholders across the state, identify new technological discoveries and market application opportunities to strengthen Ohio’s industry leadership position. Early efforts focused on outreach to and communication with Ohio’s polymer industry. Significant time was spent visiting companies and learning about their needs.

A Strategic Roadmap to Guide the Industry

In 2004, the OPSC engaged Battelle’s Technology Partnership Practice to develop a strategic roadmap for Ohio’s polymer industry. This roadmap was updated in 2011 by the OPSC in collaboration with PolymerOhio and with input from nearly 100 Ohio polymer company leaders.

Ohio Edison Centers Established

In 2006, the State of Ohio named PolymerOhio one of seven Ohio Edison Technology Centers. Each center is focused one of the state’s strategic manufacturing segments. The mission of these centers is to enhance Ohio’s competitive advantage in those key segments through technology transfer and encouraging innovation.

Modeling and Simulation Solutions

In 2010, PolymerOhio was the recipient of a grant from NIST MEP that resulted in a program designed as a resource for companies who sought assistance with selecting, renting or purchasing and implementing modeling or simulation software. The program began as a national resource called the Manufacturing & Polymer Portal, but has since evolved into PolymerOhio’s Modeling and Simulation Solutions service.

Expansion to Assist Manufacturers in All Fields

Our PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions division was created with a focus on the central Ohio region and the purpose of supporting all manufacturers, not just those in polymers. No matter the size of the manufacturer, or the industry it falls into, our Manufacturing Solutions are here to help them thrive.


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