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Artificial Turf of Today a Far Cry from 70s Astro Turf

Opening paragraphs from “Is Artificial Turf the Lawn of the Future?”, How Stuff Works,, Carrie Whitney, Ph.D., July 22, 2019

We seem to be getting better at making things that aren’t real appear real. From Beyond Meat to porcelain tiles that effectively mimic marble, these reproductions sometimes offer benefits that improve on the real deal. Producing meatless meat is better for the environment, while porcelain tile is more durable than marble.

Fake grass has improved over time, too. Today’s artificial turf is about as similar to that 1970s plastic stuff as a Beyond Burger is to the soybean patty school kids got from the cafeteria during that same era. In fact, artificial turf is so much more lifelike today that it’s even become a viable option for residential lawns.

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