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Accurate Sink Mark Predictions for Complex Geometries Using Moldex3D Simulation OPENING TEXT FROM AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MOLDEX3D: “As the trend of plastic product designs moves towards smaller and thinner design concepts, it is important to strike a balance between the aesthetic appeal and the structural integrity when designing contemporary plastic parts. Ribs are often […]

Innovation is a critical part of business success. In the manufacturing field, companies are constantly looking to expand to new markets, improve current products, and streamline practices to increase profits. In order to innovate, a business needs the right tools to test ideas and products without spending more than they stand to gain. This is […]

PolymerOhio is excited to announce the publication of their newest article: Discover what simulation software can do for you. Intended for small to medium-sized manufacturers, this article focuses on the uses, benefits, and increased accessibility of simulation software programs.

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