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Finance Idea Concept Bulb on Touch ScreenInnovation is a critical part of business success. In the manufacturing field, companies are constantly looking to expand to new markets, improve current products, and streamline practices to increase profits. In order to innovate, a business needs the right tools to test ideas and products without spending more than they stand to gain.

This is where simulation software steps in, allowing manufacturers to experiment with new products and methods in a risk-free virtual environment. Through a laptop or desktop, individuals can use this type of software to accurately simulate numerous manufacturing processes.

The software offers a host of benefits to manufacturers such as:

  • Better quality products
  • Less wasted materials
  • Increased quote accuracy
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster speed to market
  • Lower production costs

Every manufacturer can benefit from using simulation software; however, companies often don’t have the staff or knowledge to effectively deploy it. Therefore, many turn to consultants for help. The Manufacturing and Polymer Portal can help you determine whether hiring a consultant or training an engineer in-house is the right choice for your company, and can provide consulting support or training assistance.

In addition, purchasing quality simulation software is an investment that unfortunately may be out of reach to small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses. The Portal seeks to remedy this gap in availability, opening access to such software on a pay-per-use basis. Pay-per-use allows manufacturers to be smart about their investment. Rather than pouring time and money into one program, they are able to use the same funds on multiple simulation programs to meet their many needs.

The Portal hosts a variety of products, including both extrusion and injection molding simulation software. Manufacturers should carefully consider the different options when selecting software.

You can look out for your manufacturing business by following these steps to select the right software:

  1. Consult staff: Check with software end users, IT, and Production Managers to determine preferences and needs
  2. Target need(s): Speed to market, waste reduction, troubleshooting design or processing, or others
  3. Develop list of “must haves”: What functions are necessary to meet needs?
  4. Solicit demonstrations: Test out multiple options
  5. Select a software: Take time to find the best fit

Once you’ve selected the right simulation software for your business, it’s time to look at a few implementation best practices to make sure you get off to a great start.

As part of its simulation software services, The Manufacturing and Polymer Portal provides training, consulting support, and assistance identifying the right software package for your needs. To find out more about how The Portal’s services can benefit your manufacturing business contact The Portal today.

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