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Recent Boston Globe article highlights a ground breaking new use of plastics:

new use of plasticsAccording to a recent Boston Globe article, researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have created an alternative to traditional iron and steel based surgical components.

Their new device – a surgical robot – is forged not of steel, but of plastic.

The reason?

Medical professionals want to be able to work on their patients while they are inside a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device using a concept called “image-guided intervention.” This will allow for much more precise and less invasive surgical procedures.

Unfortunately, as the article suggests, “standard surgical robots have iron and steel components that would wreak havoc inside the MRI; the machine’s intense magnetic field would yank such robots off their moorings and draw them deep into its interior.”

Plastics on the other hand, will be not be negatively impacted by the magnetic fields.

To learn more read the full article

How are you innovating with new materials? What groundbreaking uses of “non-traditional” materials can you share?  Please let us know. Maybe next time we can feature your story.

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