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What’s In This Month’s Roundup?


Are you interested in how GM is changing parts-buying? Wondering how oil is impacting resin prices? Curious about emerging trends in thermoforming? This month’s roundup features these topics and more.

Pricing and Market Trends

  • North American Resin prices remain unpredictable, despite the fact that oil prices have leveled off slightly. Find out how this and other factors are impacting PVC, PET, PE, PS and PP prices.
  • Forecast: M&A hot streak will continue according to Ben Whiting, chemicals director at KeyBanc Capital Markets in Cleveland. Find out why he believes this is true and the factors that influenced his prediction.
  • General Motors is changing the way parts-buying is done with the launch of their One Cost Model. Learn more about how supplier bidding is being replaced by cost analysis. Read more in GM shifts buying strategy for suppliers.



Ohio News


Industry Events

We hope you find the collection of recent news in the monthly Polymer News Roundup interesting. Our goal is to bring you information that keep you up-to-date and sparks new ideas you can use in your company. Remember to check back each month to stay on top of what’s happening in the polymer world both locally and globally.

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