Host to roughly 2400 polymer-related companies, including seven Fortune 1000 polymer companies, and an unparalleled array of polymer-oriented higher education and research facilities, Ohio is the largest polymer clusters in the United States.  This local network of resources offers a significant competitive advantage in productivity, innovation and growth for those who know how to leverage the “power of the cluster”. PolymerOhio works as a connector and catalyst for our members to help them identify and leverage those advantages.

As a member you will be connected to all industry segments throughout the value chain, government resources and supporting institutions that would not be possible independently or through other organizations. You will also gain access to a range of services, networking opportunities, insight into industry trends and a channel to a diverse portfolio of resources.

Connections & Networking

  • Meetings and events attracting a wide range of industry participants
  • Access to industry directories and a portfolio of industry experts
  • Member profiles promoting business opportunities


  • Diverse portfolio of services including training, technical market assessment and technology scouting
  • Industry segment programs designed to support the diverse polymer industry
  • Member input directs new programs to address changing market conditions and evolving technologies

Program Access                                              

  • Exclusive access to government grants & programs for advanced technology
  • Resources guide member in understanding and accessing the myriad of government services and grants

Put the Power of the Cluster to work for you…

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