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Netzsch-Gabo Launches New Eplexor 500N Series for High-Force DMA of Rubber

Last year, Netzsch Instruments North America acquired a company that makes high-force DMAs for rubber testing. In a March 2017 press release by the company, they announce the release of a new product called Eplexor 500N.

Read Netzsch-Gabo Instruments’ full press release on the product below.

Analyzing and Testing Business Unit


March 2017

NETZSCH-GABO INSTRUMENTS presents the new EPLEXOR 500N Series for high-force DMA of rubber

The new NETZSCH GABO EPLEXOR 500N Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer is the latest instrument for thermomechanical characterization of rubber, plastics and composites which often require much higher forces than traditional DMA tests. The new Eplexor 500N DMA operates from -160°C to 500°C and features two independent drives for the static load by a servomotor for up to 1500 N and for the dynamic force of up to +/-500 N by the electrodynamic shaker.

For rubber quality control and research, the EPLEXOR 500N is useful for dynamic component testing, durability tests, analysis of viscoelastic material properties, and more.

The static deformation of max. 60 mm is ideal for universal tensile tests. New optical digital static and dynamic strain sensors provide resolution down to 1 nm in a wide dynamic deformation range of +/-6 mm.   Interchangeable digital load cells equipped with individual 18 bit 4times oversampling AD converters improve the performance by a factor of 20.

The latest development of the unique Multipurpose Autosampler MPAS enable the user to test up to 160 samples over night or over the weekend. The unique MPAS automatic sample changer allows for efficient measurements in tensile, compression, bending and shear modes in any order.

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