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In our previous article, we examined the first element of ensuring that talent is the top priority. With this article, we will examine the second key element, embracing advanced technologies.

The first open source online library developed and designed by Manufacturing USA institutes has recently been unveiled. Dubbed the LIFT-IACMI Online Learning Hub (“The Hub”), its purpose is to provide educators and students anywhere in the United States access to in-demand manufacturing tools and materials related to lightweight metals and composite materials.

TAPP: The Smarter, Less Costly Alternative to Temp Agencies Locating and hiring skilled employees in today’s manufacturing environment can be difficult to say the least. It’s no secret that manufacturers face some pretty significant hurdles when it comes to improving or even just maintaining a skilled, dependable and dedicated workforce. Responding to customer needs in […]

In a previous article, we gave an overview of the United States’ position in the Deloitte study that predicts that the U.S. will be ranked number one by 2020. With this article, we begin our examination of each of the five key elements of focus starting with the first and most important element—ensuring talent is the top priority.

If it seems to you as if innovation and advanced technology manufacturing in the United States have been on a rapid rise in recent years, that’s because they have. Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI) has verified your suspicions. This study, along with those Deloitte previously published on the subject in 2010 and 2013, have enabled them to confirm the steady upward trend of American manufacturing since the start of the decade.

Accurate Sink Mark Predictions for Complex Geometries Using Moldex3D Simulation OPENING TEXT FROM AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MOLDEX3D: “As the trend of plastic product designs moves towards smaller and thinner design concepts, it is important to strike a balance between the aesthetic appeal and the structural integrity when designing contemporary plastic parts. Ribs are often […]

Increase Exports and Create Jobs with the IMAGE Grant Program Small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, “…can be a critical driver for economic growth through exports at the state level.”1 If you are considering exporting, or are already exporting and seeking to expand your customer base, there is good news from The Ohio Development Services […]

OHIO EXPORT INTERNSHIP PROGRAM ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS UNTIL MARCH 1, 2017 EXCERPT FROM THE OHIO DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AGENCY WEBSITE: “Finding the time to focus on developing a new market is a challenge for many small businesses. The Ohio Export Internship Program is designed to help businesses overcome this challenge by matching them with highly motivated students, […]

Our 2016 Changes To Help You Build Your 2017 Success “Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”~William Pollard It has definitely been a year of changes for PolymerOhio. For any type of growth to occur, […]

Additive Manufacturing Overview: What Innovation Has Brought Us Mobile phones, Microsoft Word and Lotus Notes 123 were all introduced to the public in 1983. That same year, while we were awestruck by the first cell phone’s $3,995 price tag, Chuck Hull was formulating a concept that would eventually make a significant impact on the future […]

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