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DSCN1462Because advanced manufacturing (AM) is viewed as such a new technology, many manufacturers believe that incorporating it into their processes today, in what they perceive as an “early stage”, is like installing a beta test version of new software on a computer. It’s buggy. It’s not ready. It’s too expensive today and they’re better off waiting for the price to come down and the bugs to be worked out before giving it serious thought.

Additive Mfg 3D printOn the contrary, while advances are still being made as with any new technology, the strength of AM as it stands today is enough that it is already being successfully incorporated by manufacturers both large and small. Waiting too long to at least investigate if not incorporate the technology could mean the difference between a manufacturer remaining competitive in a tough market and quickly falling too far behind. It isn’t that manufacturers are closed to the idea of incorporating AM, it’s that they lack the information they need for informed decisions and the resources necessary to navigate 3D service providers so they can plan a course of action.

20160119_103755In the past, OH!Manufacturing has assisted several manufacturers by locating for them a 3D service provider who could address their specific needs for the best possible price. Aware that there was hesitation from other manufacturers when considering AM as a solution, we called upon several of our clients to share their experiences with their peers.

Bringing these companies together in one place at one time gave other manufacturers an opportunity to learn about the journey into 3D from some of their own. The casual environment provided a unique opportunity to ask questions of and network with those who had already navigated the path other manufacturers are now considering.

DSCN1481Approximately 100 people attended OH!Manufacturing’s 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Forum in the auditorium at The Ohio History Connection, Columbus, Ohio. They came to listen, to learn, and to discover the benefits—and sometimes struggles—of incorporating AM into a manufacturing process. They heard from Honda North America Engineering, Tech International and their service provider Tangible Solutions, Venture Plastics, start-up company Chaudway Enterprises and their service provider Priority Designs, and Ohio WillowWood.

OH!Manufacturing would like to thank all of the presenters who graciously volunteered their time to speak, as well as everyone who attended, for making this event such a great success. We hope to see you all again at future events.

Please contact us at 614-776-5265 or online if OH!Manufacturing can assist you with investigating the benefits of 3D or incorporating AM into your manufacturing operations.


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