October 13, 2015



Are you looking for new ways to grow but are hesitant to take on new projects because your time and resources are already stretched thin? PolymerOhio can help you identify and carry out projects that will help to grow your business. A nonprofit organization that serves as a polymer industry consultant, PolymerOhio brings the outside perspective, objectivity, and breadth of knowledge necessary to effectively help you identify areas of improvement as well as the courses of action necessary to address them.

What to Expect

  1. Opportunity Exploration—A PolymerOhio consultant will meet with you to listen to your needs and objectives and learn as much as we can about your organization so that we may best help you identify opportunities for growth.
  2. Project Plan—Once we have identified areas of opportunity and determined a budget, PolymerOhio will create a project plan and timeline. The plan will assign tasks to team members at PolymerOhio and your company. It will also include all associated costs, so you know your investment up front.
  3. Project Execution—PolymerOhio will manage your project and update you regularly on its status. We will be there examine any issues that may arise within your organization during our collaboration.
  4. Project Completion.
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