Are you secure from probable cyber threats?

March 20, 2019



Are you secure from probable cyber threats?

The truth would likely be no.

Many manufacturing organizations lack visibility into their cyber exposure. Assurance Group, Inc. offers security assessments to well-managed manufacturers so they can close that awareness gap. As a result of these assessment findings, your team will be equipped to better understand, manage and measure your cyber exposure.
As your Information Systems evolve to include IoT, 3D printing, mobility, robotics, collaboration, highspeed connections, and cloud computing, connecting and maintaining legacy systems presents new vulnerabilities every day.
Throwing resources at surface issues causes waste and frustration. Utilizing a security assessment to develop a clear understanding about the root causes of exposure has the power to challenge assumptions, drive efficiencies, protect vital data before it becomes compromised, and increase team effectiveness in the continual process of cybersecurity development.
Read the 4-page whitepaper below to learn more about your cybersecurity risks and how to find and combat them with a security assessment.
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