CASE STUDY: Advanced Technology Products, Inc.

March 1, 2017


Case Studies

Advanced Technology Products, Inc. (ATP), located in Milford, Ohio, is a 34-employee, privately-owned manufacturer of small diameter extruded plastic tubing produced from a variety of polymeric materials. Tubing is produced in a multitude of different colors, sizes and configurations. Additionally, they import and distribute a wide variety of specialized fittings, valves and other items to support their Ohio-produced tubing products. Markets served include manufacturing, automation, industrial operations and distribution. ATP is growing and the increased customer demands have resulted in new production and deliverability challenges for them.
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The Challenge

ATP engaged PolymerOhio to assist in developing a Technology and Capacity Roadmap that would evaluate the current manufacturing processes and then provide guidance and recommendations for improvements to maximize production line throughput, reduce production line product changeover times and waste, while improving quality and consistency. The information would ultimately be used to also provide guidance for selection of new process equipment that may be affiliated with new production lines and processes.

PolymerOhio’s Solution

PolymerOhio delivered a “Technology and Capacity Roadmap” designed to assist ATP in making decisions on priorities and methods to move forward their Milford Center plant manufacturing processes. The internal extrusion expert at PolymerOhio evaluated ATP’s existing manufacturing equipment and technologies and then made recommendations for improvements to existing processes. The expert also presented options for ATP to consider as they designed a master plan to grow their business and invest in new production and manufacturing equipment.


The Road Map project was completed and delivered to ATP in a format that allowed them to understand where opportunities for the greatest improvements existed. This information was used as a foundation for ATP to use to: 1) improve their existing processes/technology and 2) understand what newer technologies should be considered as they grow their business and purchase new production equipment.
ATP is realizing rapid growth and PolymerOhio’s technology Road Map has helped shape the plan for their business as they move forward. Work to capitalize on opportunities to improve their capacity, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction through incremental and large scale technology improvements are continuing and PolymerOhio will continue to assist as needed.
ATP reports that they have experienced increased and retained sales, increased and retained jobs, and cost savings, while being able to invest in new equipment as well as implement training for employees.
“PolymerOhio is an important resource for us to draw guidance from as we move our business forward…[their] Manufacturing Services will continue to be an important part of our ‘team’ as we look for future guidance and expertise to assist our team.”
— James McCoy, President, Advanced Technology Products
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