CASE STUDY: Allied Mineral Products

March 1, 2017


Case Studies

Allied Mineral Products is a Central Ohio manufacturer of specialty Refractory Materials and Precast Refractory Shapes used in the metals processing, foundry and heat intensive process industries, employing approximately 300 associates. Their reach is global, with manufacturing, research and support facilities worldwide. Allied specializes in providing the right solution for each client’s unique manufacturing and processing needs. Product Quality, Consistency and Customer Service is central to Allied’s commitment to every customer.
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The Challenge

Allied was dealing with issues related to excessive waste and yield loss as well as a need to better understand their process’s capabilities in order to improve quality and consistency. They needed an improved system to produce products that they could be confident would consistently meet their customers’ requirements without an inordinate amount of redundant testing, cross-checking and re-verifying.

PolymerOhio’s Solution

The PolymerOhio Manufacturing Services Supplier Six Sigma team coached Allied teams and helped direct several Continuous Improvement efforts. A ground floor Metrics project identified critical KPIs and a Balanced Scorecard visual reporting system helped to identify problems, prioritize work and measure success. Over 125 Allied employees were trained in combinations of White Belt and Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma methods. An additional 5 employees are being formally trained to become Black Belts.


PolymerOhio helped form a Continuous Improvement Steering Team of 10 employees that meets regularly to evaluate data and set priorities for projects. Initiatives to develop Process Maps and define Standard Work is ongoing and central to Allied’s Continuous Improvement commitment. Six Sigma project work is focused to reduce waste, product returns and process variability while improving efficiencies and consistency.
“PolymerOhio’s training and guidance in Six Sigma and Lean principles has helped position our company for success. As our teams complete projects, our objective to reduce wastes and costs is already beginning to be realized.”
— Steve Young, Allied Mineral Products
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