CASE STUDY: Davenport Aviation

March 1, 2017


Case Studies

Davenport Aviation is a successful central Ohio business specializing in the distribution of aircraft parts to clients worldwide. As they grew their business, Davenport investigated opportunities in countries where they had never ventured before, but they faced a hurdle. Several of the new markets were in countries where ISO 9001 and/or AS 9120 certifications were required to conduct business in the aviation parts supplier industry. Davenport needed to be able to combine an existing Aviation Suppliers Association standard (ASA-100) into their new Quality Management System. Certifications in ISO 9001 and AS 9120 were going to be a critical part of Davenport’s strategic growth plan.
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The Challenge

Davenport’s team was not knowledgeable in the ISO 9001 or AS 9120 certification processes and needed an expert to guide them through the process of achieving certifications. Subsequent to certification, Davenport also needed to be confident in knowing that their consultant would be able to provide ongoing support to ensure ongoing compliance with the complex standards, audits and business process reporting requirements.

PolymerOhio’s Solution

Through its technical experts at Supplier Six Sigma, PolymerOhio Manufacturing Services would coach, mentor and guide the Davenport team through a multi-step process of first becoming ISO 9001 certified and then transitioning that certification into an AS 9120 certificate. Work included setting up the Quality Management System structure for internal procedures, record keeping and ongoing compliance requirements. Once the new systems were in place, Supplier Six Sigma worked with Davenport’s registrars (TUV & Underwriters Laboratories) to arrange and execute all required audits. PolymerOhio’s team participated in all certification audits in order to answer questions and make the process flow smoothly.


When completed, Davenport Aviation successfully achieved their ISO 9001 certification in 2015 and has now transitioned that accreditation into an AS 9120 certification. The project was facilitated at a pace that was compatible with their business and budget, as well as available employee time and financial resources. The coaching, leadership and mentoring process employed by Supplier Six Sigma resulted in the Davenport team being confident in the knowledge that they understood ISO 9001 terms, terminology, methods and systems.
The new credentials have allowed Davenport to win business in markets where they had previously been unable to even quote. The ISO 9001 and AS 9120 projects were critical to Davenport’s growth strategy and these new credentials have truly helped them grow their business and allow them to enter new markets. The certification has met the requirements of their new international clients and has also provided an excellent foundation for their Quality Management System that helps them confidently manage their overall operation.
“Supplier Six Sigma, LLC along with PolymerOhio demonstrated great leadership and project management skills in completing our ISO 9001 certification process with our registrar, Underwriters Laboratories. I would recommend [them] to any business looking to create an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.”
— Joao Simoes, President, Davenport Aviation
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