CASE STUDY: Wyandot Inc. – OpEx Cultural Training

March 1, 2017


Case Studies

Wyandot is committed to a culture of Zero Defects and Continuous Improvement. The company operates in the food manufacturing industry, where quality, productivity, on-time delivery, and consistency are paramount to their success. As a part of their Continuous Improvement and “Drive for Zero” culture, Wyandot identified the need for additional employee training in how to understand their processes, identify the source of problems, and become engaged in the teamwork process of problem solving. Lean Six Sigma and 5S tools were determined to be the best path for Wyandot to follow.
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The Challenge

Wyandot employees needed to be trained in the basic disciplines of Six Sigma White Belt and Yellow Belt. This instruction would train employees at all levels to understand processes and procedures affiliated with Operational Excellence acumens such as process variability, problem solving and teamwork. Additionally, a new 5S Program was developed that would eliminate waste in set-up times and change-overs as well as assist with the simplification maintenance, tool management and operations procedures.

PolymerOhio’s Solution

PolymerOhio Manufacturing Services was engaged to deliver Operational Excellence projects that would meet the challenges Wyandot faced. The projects involved the training of 360 manufacturing employees in the discipline of Lean Six Sigma White Belt, the training of 27 Supervisors/Managers in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt project teamwork and methods, and setting up and guiding a team of 17 employees in the establishment of a formal Lean 5S Visual Workplace program for the manufacturing floor.


After the completion of training in White and Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma disciplines, employees have become much more engaged in talking about their processes and engaging senior management in conversations about how to improve the operations for which they are responsible. Project teams and new leaders have been identified to help deploy new Operational Excellence Projects. As a result of this project work, potential projects for formal Six Sigma processes have been identified and plans are being made to prioritize opportunities based on potential ROI calculations.
The new 5S implementation team has been very effective at cleaning up and organizing work spaces. A major effort was undertaken to redesign and simplify an overly complicated pneumatic conveying system. Changes made as a part of this 5S effort have greatly reduced time spent setting up, cleaning and maintaining the process equipment. This enables faster changeovers and less waste during maintenance activities.
“PolymerOhio has been an important part of Wyandot’s Quality and Operational Excellence programs. They are easy to work with and are our ‘go-to’ resource when we are looking for guidance, training, input or help in OpEx work.”
— Steven Morgan, V.P. of Manufacturing, Wyandot Inc.
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