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Recent news that eastern Ohio’s natural gas deposits could be worth $20 billion was big news when Gov. John Kasich announced this prediction recently in conjunction with the jobs potential it represents. His much-quoted line, “I don’t want any foreigners working on wellheads…that is, people who come from Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky, and those distant foreigners from Texas,” spurred humor and a tone of seriousness. Although Ohio is a long way from a massive natural gas industry, the U.S. Geological Survey did update its estimates in August 2011 for the Marcellus Shale region underlying New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, saying it contains 84 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered, recoverable natural gas. Chesapeake Energy Corporation would play a key role in the Marcellus Shale venture.

Here’s a problem faced by many small-to-medium-sized polymer enterprises (SMEs) – How to ship a less-than-a-truckload (LTL) lot for a reasonable cost. Many such SMEs approach shippers and ask for a discount. Usually, they get a reduction from the standard quote, and it might even be as high as 70 percent. While this sounds good, for smaller producers and manufacturers, even that shipping rate could be a rather pricey item.

Bio100 Technologies, formerly Poly Green Technologies, LLC, was founded in spring, 2009 through a collaborative effort based on the work of Dr. Yebo Li, a bioprocess/biosystems engineer in the Department of Food, Agricultural & Biological Engineering at OARDC/OSU, The Ohio State University’s Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio. After an initial period of exploring the technology, which derives a biopolyol from agricultural-based waste products, the company applied for and won a TechGenesis Technology Grant from TECHColumbus.

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