Is Your ‘Business Engine’ Running as Smoothly as it Could?

Think of your business as an engine. Financial valuations measure the outputs of your engine — the revenue and profits — but what about the gears within your engine? How well are they functioning and what can you do to enable them to produce a better output?

PolymerOhio uses a system that quantifies the gears inside your business engine and their ability to work together to drive future revenue and profit at or above its current rate. Our system’s focus is on operations rather than financials. We analyze all of your company’s operational areas and leverage best practices from assessment through execution to maximize results.

And it all begins with a proven no-cost business assessment.

PolymerOhio has partnered with CoreValue® Advisor Software to help you understand not just the current worth of your business, but what it could be worth if it operated like its strongest peers. You’ll be given a roadmap of prioritized initiatives to overcome the obstacles limiting your ability to dependably generate revenue and profit well into the future.

  • Know your business value and what it could be
  • Understand why there’s a gap and what’s behind it
  • See how you compare to your peers
  • Uncover any threats to your success
  • Build an Executable growth plan to achieve your company potential

“In 90 minutes, we can quantify what makes your company valuable, and how to make it worth more, so you can build, sell, or simply enjoy running your business again.”

Chuck Richards, CEO, CoreValue® Advisor Software

What is CoreValue®?

CoreValue® Software is a proven web application that is both an effective assessment tool and a platform from which company leaders and PolymerOhio can work together to quantify and build the value of a business enterprise. The plan is structured around 9 Operational Value Drivers and 9 Market Value Drivers benchmarked against your peers. It was developed and vetted among leading academic and industry specialists, with 10-plus years of market testing. Based on a framework of 18 value drivers, specially designed algorithms measure the gears of your business engine. The result is an accurate assessment of your business that allows you to review all options and opportunities.

Get Started Right Now

Analyze your business with this free, 15-minute CoreValue® assessment to Measure Your 18 Drivers of Enterprise Value and (this is cool) find out what your business may be worth, learn where your growth opportunities lie, and identify your profit-generating strengths. PolymerOhio will help you take the next steps and build an action plan and strategies to achieve your company’s full potential.

“Let’s face it. Financial spreadsheets look backwards. They paint a picture on what happened. But they are rarely helpful when it comes time to measure the real value of a company looking forward. They cannot, for instance, put a value on vital, but intangible aspects such as a company’s market share, its brand, its ingenuity, its goodwill, or contracts with customers and vendors.”

~ CoreValue® Software

You can’t lose.

  • Free assessment. Free report. NO cost.
  • You get a valuable, actionable Executive Report in minutes.
  • You’ll see what you are worth, what you can be worth, and how to get there — for free.
Begin the Discovery Process. It’s FREE.
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