Ohio is home to a complete polymer supply chain, giving participants significant advantages. The key is knowing how to leverage them. If your supply chain strategy is not generating the results you want or need, PolymerOhio can help.

The success and growth of an organization depend on an effective supply chain. To maintain a competitive edge, your supply chain must be able to respond to today’s changing customer demands, market risks and fluctuations, as well as deliver high-quality service while optimizing costs.

In addition, strategic sourcing and efficient operations are critical to maintaining a high-performing supply chain. PolymerOhio can help you with:

  • Identification and qualification of resources
  • Supply chain efficiency improvement
  • Supplier development, quality and performance
  • Benchmarking and mitigating supply chain risk

We’ll listen to your needs and work to connect you with the information and resources you need to support and grow your supply chain. Give us a call at 614-776-5720 or click on the contact button below to get started.

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