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TAPP Into a Smarter Staffing Solution (Event)

Less cost. Better vetting. Helping those in need.

There is a great opportunity coming up in March that will introduce you to an Ohio-based program that helps get restored citizens and military veterans back into the workforce.

If you haven’t already involved your company in the program we sponsor called TAPP, then you may want to consider attending a 3-hour seminar on March 22nd in Grove City, Ohio. You will get the opportunity to learn how the TAPP program works and how your company can get involved, as well as hear from a Central Ohio manufacturer who uses the program on a regular basis to great success. You’ll also get the opportunity to hear from one of the individuals who has been placed into a manufacturing position and how the TAPP program has made a difference in that person’s life.

Find out more about the program and register to attend this informative seminar today.

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