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The Next Generation of Pipeline Material

Opening paragraphs from “The Power of Polymer Pipelines”, Oilfield Technology,, Nicholas Woodroof, June 7, 2019

Ross McSkimming, Swagelining, and Dr Chris O’Connor, DNV GL, share their insights into working together to create the next generation of pipeline material and encourage confidence in its uptake.

How would you describe the uptake of polymer lining solutions so far, particularly as their use has been limited by corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) connectors since the 1990s?

Ross: The value of polymer lining solutions for subsea applications has remained largely untapped due to historical reliance on less cost-effective and complex-to-weld CRA connectors to join sections of polymer lined pipeline together and terminate the pipeline. This has resulted in the true cost benefit of a polymer lining solution not being realised. Swagelining’s development of the first all-polymer connector, LinerBridge®, represents a viable alternative to CRA connectors.

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