Today, new technologies and business practices are evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, employers are looking for ways to enhance the skills of current employees in order to increase productivity and growth. PolymerOhio can help you develop and implement training programs for current employees who need new or upgraded skills.

PolymerOhio offers the following on-demand training courses at affordable prices:


Design Engineer Training

This popular technical package combines 20 courses from the Routsis Part Design Series and the Mold Design and Moldmaking Series. Includes an injection molding library.

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Injection Molding 101

Injection Molding 101 lays the foundational knowledge base necessary for the success of any injection molding employee.

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Modeling the Injection Molding Process

This class provides engineers with the background to model and optimize polymer manufacturing processes with a focus on injection molding.

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Training Partnerships

We also partner with many of the career centers, technical schools, community colleges and universities in Ohio to develop other training options that are customized to the needs of your workforce. Contact us for more information on implementing a training program at your organization.

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