Modeling the Injection Molding Process

Professor Jose Castro of The Ohio State University will instruct you on how to model and optimize polymer manufacturing processes! The objective of this class is to provide engineers with the background to model and optimize polymer manufacturing processes with a focus on injection molding.

extrusioncropresize11The objective of this class, led by Professor Jose Castro of The Ohio State University, is to provide engineers with the background to model and optimize polymer manufacturing processes with a focus on injection molding.


  • Fundamentals of polymer science
  • Fundamentals of transport phenomena
  • Governing equations describing the injection molding process
  • How the equations are applied

Moldex3D will be used to analyze and optimize the molding of actual parts. Those completing the course will have a working knowledge of the modeling techniques used in modeling injection molding and a hands-on introduction to the use of Moldex3D. Materials will be presented through online videos and interactive on-line webinar sessions.


  • Introduction, Objectives, Modeling, and Key Material Properties in Molding
  • Physics-Based Mathematical Models
  • Constitutive Equations
  • Modeling the Injection Molding Process
  • Modeling Injection Molding with Moldex3D
  • Applying Moldex3D (Filling stage); Examples Include Flat Plate, Disk
  • Applying Moldex3D to Complicated Cases (Filling, Packing and Cooling): Toy Car
  • Multiple Criteria Optimization via Simulation


The course requires weekly interaction with Dr. Castro via Adobe Connect. Course is scheduled when at least four students are registered.

The course can also be scheduled exclusively from your injection molding team.

To obtain more information about the course schedule and other information, contact us or call 614-776-5720 and ask for information about training courses.


Basic undergraduate-level engineering physics


  • Broadband network connection (e.g. cable modem, DSL, T-1)
  • A PC capable of running WinXP or later, or
  • A Mac capable of running Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Once registered, the online class can be accessed through your desktop or laptop. Specific instructions for accessing the class will be provided upon registration. The course is a mix of online lectures with quizzes on the information and exercises using Moldex3D, to which you will have full access.

Online office hours will be regularly held. The times of the office hours will be adjusted to fit the schedules of those that are enrolled. Online office hours will use Adobe Connect so that students have audio and video and can share their desktops and see the desktops of the instructors to answer questions.

Discounts are available for small firms & firms enrolling more than one participant.


Jose M. Castro has been a professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at The Ohio State University (OSU) since 1998. Before coming to OSU, he worked from 1996 to 1998 as Process Technology Skill Center Leader in Allied Signals Electronic Systems, La Crosse Wisconsin. Before Allied Signal he worked from 1984 to 1996 in various positions of increased responsibility at the GenCorp Corporate Technology Center ending as Chief Technologist in Composite Materials. From 1980 to 1983, he was first an assistant professor and then an associate professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of the South, Bahia Blanca, Argentina. He is currently also an affiliate Professor at the National Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey Mexico. He is currently a faculty advisor to the OSU student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).


Modeling the Injection Molding Process


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